Windrush 70

One of the final acts as GA Moderators for myself and Kevin is likely to be as your representative at the Windrush 70th anniversary celebration at Westminster Abbey on the 22nd June 2018.

The SS Empire Windrush arrived at Tilbury docks on 22nd June 1948 carrying passengers from the Caribbean. They were invited by Britain to assist with post-war reconstruction. The Windrush 70th Anniversary celebrates the pioneering Windrush generation that came to Britain to help us.

The SS Empire Windrush

This tremendous anniversary is now tinged, or should I say stained, by the recent stories of the awful treatment doled out to these generous people who were invited to help us rebuild Britain after the ravages of the second world war.

The only good thing to come out of this fiasco is that our government may now realise that they have seriously overestimated the UK’s desire for a hostile immigration policy.

Some of the commentary about the vote for Brexit did focus on anti-immigration, but not everyone who voted for Brexit did so because of immigration.  One of my friends, a sincere Christian, voted to leave the EU because, in her opinion, the EU had not demonstrated sufficient financial probity – up to 2007 the accounts of the EU were ‘qualified’ by the auditors (i.e. they had problems), and up to 2015 every single year had a significant number of payments that were not free from material error.  If my friend had run her accounts that way she could have been fined a significant amount of money, deemed to be unfit to be a Director and prevented from running her own company!

I pray that the actions our government are now taking will enable our ‘Windrush’ friends to regain the feeling that Britain is their home, and that they are as welcome now as they were in 1948.  So perhaps now we can ALL give a heartfelt cheer to these folk from the Caribbean who helped us to rebuild our country and in the process built their lives with us.



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