Vision4Life Evangelism Year …

I have just returned from 48 hours at Westminster College. This was the first of three courses being run by our highly qualified and inspirational staff at this Resource Centre for Learning.  In total during this week there will have been nearly 150 Lay Preachers and Worship Leaders being prepared to lead worship and help churches develop their expertise in evangelism appropriate for their own communities. What does Isaiah have to say to us about evangelism, or Matthew or Acts and what about Jonah? – there is so much we can learn and this committed group of lay people with a particular ministry have been learning and sharing their own knowledge and expertise. I was not at this course as ‘Moderator’ but as ‘me’ and amongst other things I had confirmed my conviction that lay people in the United Reformed Church are a wonderful, enthusiastic and knowledgeable bunch of folk ready to use their skills in God’s service and there are many who are grateful for that.

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