URC Big Day Out at Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle in bloom

Kate and I, plus some friends from our local church, had a great time at the Big Day Out at Warwick Castle last Saturday.  Many thanks to Karen Morrison, Simon Peters, Richard Church, the Children & Youth Work Committee and many others who organised it for us.  The organisation was impeccable, with only the weather letting us down … but most people seemed to be well prepared for that.

One of the Warwick Castle peacocks

We entered the castle grounds by the Peacock Gate and we were quickly reminded by some large, noisy birds why it was called that!

My only disappointment was when we all trooped down to the trebuchet hoping to see it fling some boulders across the field only to be told the counterweight had come loose, doh!


Derek and Alan discus ‘Who should the URC invite to the dinner table?’


Derek Estill and I held a short session entitled ‘Who should the URC invite to the dinner table?’  Through the use of four dramatized bible readings we looked for guidance.  We heard of how Jesus ate and drank with vilified tax collectors and the marginalised.  The conclusion that Jesus would invite anyone and everyone gave us the answer we were looking for.


As I drove back to High Wycombe, the sounds of gentle snoring coming form the back of my car told me that my friends had enjoyed themselves – as I had, but at least I didn’t fall asleep!

Thanks to all involved in the day and all those who supported it.



The broken trebuchet


The younger folk (and those young at heart) had lots of activities organised








Even the rain couldn’t dampen the worship

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