This was a special weekend in Bude.

St Martin’s United Reformed Church were holding their annual Commitment for Life service and they had invited me to lead that service. But they also asked me to join them on Saturday afternoon to tell them something of my experiences as Moderator.

Meet the Moderator!

I am always pleased to do this – after all, the denomination elected me at General Assembly and everyone has a right to know how I have been spending my time. Talking a bit about the role of Moderator, a bit about how the new arrangements of biennial assemblies and two Moderators is working and a bit about the actual tasks and visits I have undertaken is one way of sharing all of that. In this case my reward was a wonderful selection of cakes to be consumed over a cup of tea and conversation!

Commitment for Life

On Sunday morning I led a Commitment for Life service – St Martin’s partner being Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh. Here I shared with the congregation the thought that we are in debt to the people in Bangladesh , a debt of action and attitude and that those debts could only be repaid as we found ways to share all that we have through open hearts and open hands.

In the afternoon Christians Together in Bude Stratton and District shared in a One World Week service led by the Minister of St Martin’s – Rev Bob Jones (who had previously been minister of our own church in Doncaster). Again I preached as this service, the subject of which was Living for One World with the emphasis on the environment, giving me an opportunity to reflect on how we all have a responsibility to contribute to the preservation of the glorious and varied world which God created for us.

Preparing for worship

It has been good to share in this special weekend and particularly to join with a church so obviously committed to issues of peace and justice as this one.

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