The Moderator was presented with a new hat!

Alan Yates was presented with a new hat at a special church service on the 11th December, 2016.

Now whilst the statement above is completely true it may give the wrong impression.  To tell

Sunday Worship at Greenbelt

Sunday Worship at Greenbelt

the story I need to go back to the August bank holiday weekend to the successful Greenbelt festival.  Kate and I joined a few of our church families (from Trinity, High Wycombe) at Greenbelt on the Sunday.  After a delightful bacon sandwich and a cup of coffee we all went to the big tent for the Sunday morning worship, which was delivered entirely by the young people.  Matthew Sparks (the boy in the

The Archbishop of Canterbury

The Archbishop of Canterbury

orange tee shirt and green shorts) was one of the party from Trinity who took part in the service.  During the service the young people interviewed the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend and Right Honourable Justin Welby.  One of the questions was about Justin’s magnificent gold hat, seen in the photograph.

Needless to say my younger friends asked if I had a hat, to which I said I didn’t, at least not a ceremonial hat (I didn’t think my Umbro woollen hat counted!).  I thought no more about the topic, and enjoyed the rest of the day in Greenbelt.

img_0543So we now come to the special service at Trinity, High Wycombe on the 11th December.  This was the Gift Service and was prepared and led by the Junior Church.  At the beginning of the service they remembered our time at Greenbelt and decided it was time that I was presented with a Gold hat … you can see it in the photograph below.  I dutifully put on my hat with humility and perhaps a little embarrassment!


Kevin and I hope you all have a wonderful, peaceful and Christ-filled Christmas.


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  1. Michael Hopkins

    There is an official Moderator’s hat – a black tricorn hat, with one “frog” (a silk frill), designed to be worn with the “frogged” gown, and dating from the 18th century style of the more ceremonial parts of the traditional moderatorial dress. I last saw the hat in John Ellis’s hand, so he probably knows where it is.

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