The invitation came to me to visit Garstang United Reformed Church ……

………. whilst I was at Westminster College for the Lay Preachers Conference in September 2010, one of the members of the church was also attending that conference. Members at Garstang were joined by members from Forton United Reformed Church (the other church in the Pastorate). The church and I had waited for over twelve months for this day. It somehow seemed appropriate to remind ourselves of this on the second Sunday in Advent a time of waiting of a different kind though it is only through our various experiences of waiting for sometimes quite ordinary things in our daily lives that we can begin to understand the waiting time of Advent. We thought about how the three readings for the day offered signs pointing to the glory of the Lord, the way of the Lord and the Day of the Lord but how we are now the people with the responsibility not just to point to the light of the hope of God but to be the light in the world and in the lives of those we meet.

Every church I visit has something unique to show me. Here it was – inside the church – two memorial windows designed by one of the members and outside the church a Bible. garden which includes plants which are mentioned in the Bible.

Also in that space is The Peace Plough, designed and made by a church member.

They shall beat their swords into plough shares is a very appropriate message for Advent as we wait for the coming of the Prince of Peace.


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