That really spoke to me …….

said one of the congregation at Alkrington and Providence United Reformed Church in Middleton, Manchester on Sunday.

The readings had included Matthew’s version of the call of the disciples and I had reflected on the trust which these men had as they followed Jesus from their familiar lives to the unknown and the trust we need as from time to time God calls each of us from the comfortable and familiar to risk new things for him.

My knowledge of the church and the reason for my being there was to begin their celebrations of the twenty years since the two churches of Alkrington and Providence  joined together.

What I did not know was that they were, on the following Sunday, to have a prospective new minister leading their worship and that therefore there were important decisions to be made in the life of the congregation for which they must trust in God’s guidance. It was this fact that caused the comment and not for the first time I marvelled at the way in which God can use us to challenge, enlighten or encourage each other even when we do not fully understand the situation.

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