Praying for Peace on the Korean Peninsula

“To clasp the hands in prayer is the beginning of an uprising against the disorder of the world.”  [Karl Barth]

Peace_Fellowship_logoThere is already enough disorder in our world, not to allow the potential for more wreak havoc on innocent lives. The rising tension in the Korean Peninsula must be a matter a concern for all of us. In this situation where our partner churches, people of the region, and members of the Korean Diaspora in the UK and Europe are worried and living in a situation of constant tension, we are all invited to pray for the Korean peninsula, that God’s will, for justice, peace, conversations, dialogue and reconciliation, be done,

I invite you to join me in prayer with these or your own words:

God of life, we pray that you give peace in these troubled times in the Korean Peninsula and in our world. Kindle in the hearts of all the love for peace which we cannot find for ourselves, so that hearts may turn from ways of death to life, from lies to truth, from despair to hope, from fear to trust, from hatred to love, from war to peace. Through your Spirit, transform us from the depths of our hearts into people, through whom your peace is lived out as our lives over flow with peace, peace and more peace. In the name of the peaceful-one. Amen.

To assist us in our continuing prayers, I hope you will find this suggested prayer link from the National Council of Churches in Korea helpful.

“Jesus is risen from the dead!” For us and our life together (locally and globally), nothing makes sense without these six words. So, may the God of ‘always springing hope’ and new life, help us to be the hopeful, generous and trusting people we are called to be, for Christ’s sake.

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