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July/August 2018

On the first day of the United Reformed Church General Assembly (Friday 6 July) Mr Derek Estill and the Revd Nigel Uden will be inducted as Assembly Moderators, serving from 2018 to 2020. Later in July, both moderators will attend a political party briefing at Salvation Army’s headquarters in London, and will meet with their chaplains at URC House, London. They have no additional moderatorial appointments in July.

In August, Mr Estill will take part in a service marking the retirement of the Revd Lena Talbot, at Revidge Fold URC, Blackburn. He will also attend the URC Holiday Forum at the Hayes Centre, Derbyshire, and lead morning worship at Holymoorside URC, Chesterfield. Mr Uden has no moderatorial appointments in August.

June 2018

In June, Mr Alan Yates will represent the United Reformed Church at the Westminster Abbey service celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Empire Windrush’s arrival to Tilbury Docks, Essex. The Windrush brought more than 500 Caribbean people to Britain. Mr Yates will also attend a ‘Legacies of slavery’ hearing in Alabama, which examines the impact of the transatlantic slave trade.

The Revd Kevin Watson will attend the Presbyterian Church of Ireland’s Assembly. He will also visit Christchurch Abbeydale, Gloucester, and Meersbrook Park URC, Sheffield, as well as attend the thanksgiving service for the Training for Learning and Serving (TLS) programme in Birmingham.

May 2018

In May, the Revd Kevin Watson will attend a meeting of the United Reformed Church Mission Council advisory group, London. Mr Alan Yates will preach at Dore and Totley URC, Sheffield, attend a meeting of the risk management process task group, London, and visit the Church of Scotland’s General Assembly in Edinburgh. Mr Yates will also go on a tour of Wessex for a three-day cycling event. Both moderators will attend a meeting of the URC Trust in London, and a weekend-long gathering with their URC General Assembly chaplains.