Northern Delights

Lancaster Castle has been suggested as a possible location for Parliament should MPs opt to move out of the Palace of Westminster during much needed renovation. The suggestion has been both welcomed and ridiculed but the warning that those in the bubble of the Westminster village ignore the rest of the country at their peril is real enough. It may not be any more practical to move the Assembly Office away from London than to move Parliament to Lancaster but we do need to be reminded that we are not only a church in three nations but 13 Synods and nearly 1500 congregations. Each one of those congregations important and vital to our shared life. To elevate one part above another would be to ignore the story of faith that is lived out by committed disciples across the United Reformed hsfront2 (1)Church.

Trinity Lancaster has responded to the changing needs of being church in a rapidly changing world by structuring itself as one church on two sites. The city centre High Street congregation tracing its history back to 1773 and the former mission station at Bowerham to 1904. The Elders share responsibility along with the minister for the two congregations, allowing some resources to be diverted from administration to pastoral care and leadership.hs1

In a culture dominated by the collapse of institutional structures it is critical that the church learns to do things differently. The time when culture would allow itself to be shaped by church has past. One small reminder being the need for the congregate at High Street to be out by 12.30 to avoid having their cars clamped!
It was a joy to worship with these warm and welcoming congregations who retain an enthusiasm for the task of mission both in Lancaster and with their partner congregation in Velore.

David Grosch-Miller

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  1. D. L. Hooker

    Dear Reverend David Grosch-Miller (Sorry this is the only route to you I could find.)

    The Pope has said it now. We all know the planet needs help. The Lambeth Declaration is a huge step forward. However…

    Fact: humanity is messing the earth up!
    Second fact: we need to do something about it now.
    Third fact: there is something more that can be done now.

    Dickens’ novels showed the reality of Victorian London’s poor and because of his FICTION, he won huge support for change using fictional characters; I have attempted to show the plight of the earth by telling of a discovery that the earth has a living spirit and is aware of humanity abusing her body.

    I lived in N. Wales for many years, my wife, myself and family worshipped at St. Paul’s Parish Church in Colwyn Bay and we have moved to southern England for family reasons. My new novel set in Wales, was published in June 2015 as an ebook. Clergy friends of mine have no problem with this fictional concept so I have proceeded with a good heart. I would ask that you read my novel please (only £1.99 as an ebook on amazon) because of the important contribution it can make.

    Please tap into amazon, Doorkeeper of the World. There are some amazing reviews that have come in already. If you want to, there is a link at the end of the story description on amazon as follows:- (you can copy this) which gives a lot of interesting background. Doorkeeper of the World is another powerful tool in the form of a very readable novel to make people realise that the earth needs humanity’s help NOW. Just as Dickens did for London’s poor with a mix of fact and fiction, so Doorkeeper does the same. Please read Doorkeeper of the World and if you too like it, a review posted on amazon would be gratefully received. Word of mouth is our hope.

    Below are copies of two reviews.

    Best wishes

    D. L. Hooker

    5.0 out of 5 stars A Wonderful Book!! 3 Jun. 2015

    By Monique Lomino

    This was such a wonderful book, the Welsh background is the perfect setting for this tale of two cousins thrown together and quickly becoming best lifelong friends.Together they discover fairies and other mythical beings who are sent to teach them just how important the earth is.This is quite an excellent tale and I was so caught up in it that time seemed to stand still,I could not believe how much time had passed when the last page was read.This book is a Must Read.

    5.0 out of 5 stars A book that is well written and makes you want to finish it 25 Jun. 2015
    By Chris Spencer
    Verified Purchase
    The opening sentence felt like Jane Austen. Then followed parallels of ” Swallows and Amazons”, with the glaciated mountains of Snowden replacing the glaciated Lake Windermere . This developed into echoes of “His Dark Materials” before exploiting recent history to underpin an adventure story. He uses his obvious command of the English language to produce vivid descriptions, while alluding to some of the greatest challenges facing us all. Once I got into this book I had to finish it. It is amazing value to less than £2!

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