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I’ve never attended URC Holiday Forum at The Hayes, Swanwick before, so I’m intrigued to be invited there for the ‘Meet the Moderator’ question and answer session on Monday August 23rd. As ever on such occasions the questions are wide ranging and some are quite unpredictable.  It’s relatively easy to explain what I’ve been doing during my first month of co-moderatorship but far more challenging to be invited to share my thoughts on inter faith relations in this country. One delightful question is: ‘What training do you get to be Moderator?’  My immediate answer is ‘none’, though I explain quickly that ever since being elected two years ago Val Morrison and I have regularly been sharing ideas and conversations with each other, as well as with other significant people in the URC. Still, a question like that makes you stop and think. How often in church life do we find ourselves starting a new role and wonder if we’re really ready for it? The Holiday Forum group’s questions have given me plenty of food for further reflection. I can recommend them as a friendly and intelligent audience.

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  1. David Legge

    Similarly, we regular ‘Forumites’ were, as ever, intrigued to be invited to meet the latest moderator. As usual we too were given some ‘food for thought’ by your responses, to add to the veritable feast which is Holiday Forum. We are always aware that (so far) the moderator has come newly inducted and with little experience of the job, and have enjoyed meeting the person behind the role, and sharing some of their anticipation. Next year however, it might be different, as we look forward to meeting a ‘moderator with experience’ when Val visits us! God bless both of you in your new role.

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