I travelled to the other end of England for this weekend –

Links with the community


Last Sunday it was a church in the middle of fields in Cumbria, this week it was a church set between a shopping centre and a bus station in Bexleyheath. God is indeed present in every setting. Before I visited I had been told that this church building was used by a number of different groups whom the church considered to be Partners. These groups serve a whole range of needs within the community including the elderly and young children, drug and alcohol dependent people, the bereaved and both the able bodied and disabled. The Community Support Officer called in at the end of the service for a cup of coffee and a chat so that people knew him and he knew their concerns.  

 Twice a year the Partners are invited to a meeting, to share a meal and to share joys and concerns both about their use of the building and about the work they are doing. This is so much more than many churches do in renting out rooms to bring in income and felt like a real involvement from which there would be no doubt about the links between these secular organisations and the Christian community. Sunday 19th June was Trinity Sunday so during the service we thought about the interconnectedness and complimentarity of the Trinity and how that model with its one divine purpose can help us model and work towards God’s kingdom in our communities.  


A thoughtful image of the cross


Sharing a meal after the service

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