How others see us

Saturday found me at the Sheffield Methodist District Synod speaking on the subject of the distinctive contribution of the United Reformed Church to the ecumenical scene. The meeting was held at a nature reserve near Retford so the view out of the window was wonderful – it was a brave move to hold a meeting where minds could easily wander to watching the wildfowl gathering on a large expanse of water! However, it was good to share in the morning’s programme and as so often happens when we listen to each other I gained an insight from a comment made. One minister reflected on how in visiting a United Reformed Church to lead worship he could tell its roots were in the Presbyterian tradition and yet he felt the church had nevertheless embraced the United Reformed Church identity also. His conclusion was that we had shown how it was possible to let some things go without totally loosing our heritage – something from which he felt other denominations could learn. I confess to having been more likely in the past to be critical of churches who still, after nearly forty years, can be identified with their past denomination but this has given me a new way and more positive way to look at them in the future.

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