Ghana 22nd August

The church at AbetifiThis was the first day of business and the method of doing business had similarities in the two churches. All papers are read aloud as introduction. The assemblies use English as the common national language but congregations worship in at least five different languages. On Sunday morning at the Presbyterian Church of Ghana service one of the Bible passages was read in English and five other languages. All the hymns at the Evangelical Presbyterian Church were sung in Eve and at the Presbyterian Church of Ghana in Twi and Ga. One of the result of this is that some of the people attending the Assembly do not read English fluently. Both churches are quite hierarchical in their structures and decision making so there was less discussion of issues than is usual in the United Reformed Church. 

An interesting juxtaposition of clock and pulpit


But language is only one of the interesting consequences of the mixed background and traditions from which these churches operate. At both special days there were a significant number of Traditional Leaders, one of whom carried a traditional staff with a Bible held at the top possibly the ultimate sign of 21st century Ghana. 

Having returned from this rich experience I am still processing all I have experienced and finding what we can learn from a different but closely related Christian family. One thing is certain, wherever I go there are things we share and which make us feel at home. Familiar hymns and Bible readings, sharing in the saying of the Lord’s Prayer, all reminders that we are part of the same family of God. We are, as the saying goes, more alike than different and we need to hang on to that fact as we try our best to share our faith, serve our communities and worship one God. 

Abetifi - the highest habitable point in Ghana

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  1. Emmanuel A. D.

    I am a native of Abetifi and a former student of Presbyterian boys boarding school. I now live in America, please I would like to know more about the school now, the school made me what ever I am today and I love the school very much and I talk about the school to my children almost every time we sit down to talk about Ghana.

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