Ghana 19th August

Time to relax

The Moderator, Clerk and Presbyter Executive of the General Assembly

This was a business day at the Evangelical Presbyterian Church General Assembly. A big section of the morning was taken up with the report of the Evangelical Presbyterian Development and Relief Agency (EPDRA) which is the part of the church which attempts to spearhead the reduction of poverty through a variety of means. 

The means include 

  • farms which are run with the aim of training to ensure food security
  • the reduction of hunger and poverty amongst its target communities
  • seed production and distribution
  • sustainable agriculture
  • micro savings and credit programmes
  • counseling and testing for HIV/AIDS
  • ante-natal and other health care
  • education programmes
  • tree planting

Challenges which all this raises for the church include inadequate staffing, ageing vehicles, bad roads and lack of funds. It struck me that here was a church where support for projects offering basic education or health care, dealing with street children or sustainable agriculture were not about supporting people living in distant lands but it was about working with people in their own local communities making the whole thing more immediate. 

Amazingly they say that one of their challenges is to tackle the inadequate understanding of this work amongst church members. Despite everything many in churches throughout the world fail to recognise Jesus’ call to bring ‘good news to the poor’. This is a challenge the United Reformed Church in the UK shares with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Ghana. 

A break from business

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