…… Framlingham United Church

We had been lucky enough to have chosen a good week weatherwise (or maybe the good folk of Suffolk had ordered the sunshine specially!). We were particularly pleased about this on the final part of our visit.

Two or three times each year the partnership churches join together for a Sunday afternoon ramble and we had been invited to join them on this occasion. It was a perfect day for such an activity, the countryside in that part of Suffolk offers lots of pleasant walks and the footpaths are well signposted. Walking with others offers a good opportunity for conversation and this afternoon was no exception. We chatted to each other, learnt more about the people from the churches and more about the life of the churches but almost more importantly we learnt about the context in which they live and witness as landmarks, significant buildings or locations were pointed out.

 On returning to the church we had cake and a cup of tea and during a short evening service read psalm 104 in The Message version. We gave thanks for and thought about What a wildly wonderful world our amazing God had created.

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