‘Dreams and Visions’

Dreamers and visionaries do not always have an easy time of it. It takes courage and determination for a congregation of 30 to embark upon a £400K+ scheme to re-order the worship space and create a community café.

Buckland URC, Portsmouth

Buckland URC, Portsmouth

Buckland URC, Portsmouth have done that with some style. The re-furbished building definitely has the ‘wow’ factor. The removal of the balcony has created a worship space suitable for the needs of this generation and community space which welcomes the local community to step inside. The building is filled with light. Stained glass, once half hidden, now fills the space with colour.

Restored clock works

Restored clock works

Symbols are a powerful reminder of a journey travelled and of a commitment made. At Buckland that symbol is the clock. At the start of the project the clock had stopped working but now restored it tells out the time. The clock speaks of a congregation not marking time but putting its stamp on the present. The bell was rung loudly during the prayers of dedication, taking some present by surprise. The congregation may have been deafened but it was a reminder that those outside the building needed to hear that the church was there for them.
We can no longer assume that people outside the church know that our calling is to love and serve without thought of reward. The church can often give the impression that it is more concerned with its own survival and its own rules than with the needs of others. Buildings are never an end in themselves but they can become useful spaces within which the Gospel is not only preached but lived.

The community café aptly called the Clock Café opens for business on February 22nd if you are in Portsmouth call in. You will receive a warm welcome and the ‘wow’ factor might inspire you to dream your own dreams.

David Grosch-Miller

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  1. John

    I like the statement about the bell “it was a reminder that those outside the building needed to hear that the church was there for them”. We have to go outside and reach out to those that do not come to church. It is no good simply being still, we must move onwards and outwards.

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