Conference worship

The Mariapolis 2010 programme

In a summer conference near Norwich for a week from July 24-31 I’m able to lead worship with my husband – a rare treat. The event is a ‘Mariapolis’ – a group of people creating a community of love modelled on the presence of Jesus among us – and is organised by the Focolare Movement. This international organisation, which began in Italy during World War Two, has at its heart the aim of building unity between people and is linked with Churches Together in England.  Martin and I base the daily services we lead on relationship with God, illustrated with clips from the film ‘Bruce Almighty’. We are delighted to find the worship resonating with people of all ages, including a significant group of young adults, usually the missing age group in many congregations. What a gift it is when people are willing to share something of what their faith means to them – we all gain, even and especially when we own up to the obstacles and problems we face.

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