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TRUTH at Last

Here I am again, frustrated of Wakefield, but with a Truth to share. In all my disappointments and doubts, there is Truth staring me in the face. It is as though Jesus is alongside me.

“Pilate asked him, ‘So you are a king?’ Jesus answered, ‘You say that I am a king. For this I was born, and for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to my voice.’” (John 18:37, NRSV)

At last I can see those amazing Christians who belong to the Truth and witness to the Truth by listening to Jesus’ voice. Of course, we have always had the testimonies of saints, whether in history, or living in horrendous situations today – stories of humbling Faith and commitment to the Kingdom of God, often involving miracles and wonders. Amazing as they are, they can depress me even more, as I look at my life, and my pathetic response to the Gospel, feeding off a world of affluence and freedoms. But let me share one or two encouragements of the Church around us working together as the body of Christ – very ordinary, almost mundane, yet spiritually powerful and a witness to Truth

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Frustrated of Wakefield

I’ve got a problem, and I think it is particularly with the United Reformed Church

As a church leader I think I manage conflict OK (I daren’t boast “well”) – I am sure I don’t relish it, especially when folk hurt each other. I don’t go around with an attitude of “Bring it On!” But I do believe that any change goes through a stage of “storming” before you ever get to the “norming”, and anyway, conflict handled well, should be creative and transformative, as we see things from different perspectives. Conflict is not my problem.

As a church leader, our model is Christ’s servant leadership. I don’t want my own way. I often have bright ideas, but when I offer them to a meeting, I don’t expect them to be accepted as they are, and by the end of the meeting I rejoice when they have been tested, rejected, accepted, refined, and everyone has contributed to get us where God wants us. So, getting my own way is not a problem. So, what is?

(Picture with thanks to Wessex synod)

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Up with The Kids!

A belated blog, as I still come down from being on a high at the URC Youth Assembly. So much enthusiasm, energy, excitement! If I was to rate it on trip advisor, it would be getting 5 stars for everything – well, maybe not for the 6.30am fire alarm, the awful snowy weather for travelling, and not the most comfy of beds! But who cares – it was just wondrous joy to be part of something so positive in the URC. Here I am with some new friends, Naomi and Elijah – not the humans, but the teddy mascots (significant names!) for Northern Synod, though I also made some new human friends too!




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