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Windrush 70

One of the final acts as GA Moderators for myself and Kevin is likely to be as your representative at the Windrush 70th anniversary celebration at Westminster Abbey on the 22nd June 2018.

The SS Empire Windrush arrived at Tilbury docks on 22nd June 1948 carrying passengers from the Caribbean. They were invited by Britain to assist with post-war reconstruction. The Windrush 70th Anniversary celebrates the pioneering Windrush generation that came to Britain to help us.

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London’s high murder rate

Recently there has been a lot of focus on stabbings and shootings in London, not least in the press.  It has been reported that the murder rate in London is higher than New York (and while this may have been true for that month it was not true for the previous year taken as a whole).  The fact that New York has three times as many murders as London does not make our situation any less palatable.   This is a serious situation which needs addressing. Continue reading