April and May 2017

In April, the Revd Kevin Watson will attend the National Synod of Wales meeting; Christ Well United Reformed Church, Manselton; the moderators’ meeting; finance committee; and the moderators and partners weekend. He will also go to Cardiff and visit Llanfair Uniting Church, Barry Uniting Church, Elfed Avenue Church, City URC, and Canton Uniting Church. Mr Alan Yates will attend the Methodist Council meeting.

In May, Mr Alan Yates will: meet with the United Reformed Church Trust and attend the Thames North Chiltern Area Group’s AGM. He will also: meet Liberal MPs and peers; attend the URC’s Big Day Out on 20 May, at Warwick Castle; lead a service for the Forest Group in Woodford, Essex; and speak at a lunch for retired ministers hosted by Thames North synod.

The Revd Kevin Watson will: meet with the Northerly Synod Collaboration Group; visit Trinity, Abingdon; attend the Yorkshire Assembly meeting in Scarborough; and attend the Church of Scotland Assembly, Edinburgh. Both moderators will attend the URC Mission Council meeting from 12 to 14 May at High Leigh Conference Centre, Hertfordshire.

1 thought on “April and May 2017

  1. Bob Connell

    Glad you found the Waterfront in Barry cramped. That’s the way it should be. When we started I sometimes had to sit on the kitchen worktop so someone could have a chair. Moved back to Scotland a couple of years ago, but still consider it one of my better times. Was treasurer and project manager. Truly a privilege.

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