A Summer Break

By John Ellis

Late August seemed the ideal time to have a short break from all the meetings and emails. They indeed seemed far away when on the south coast of France and travelling on to see my godson in Zurich.

Unfortunately in Zurich a different sort of break occurred as a result of a freak accident. The locals called it a Humerusschaft-Spiralfraktur. If you want to be technical it was a diaphyseal fracture of the right humerus; in plain English a double break in the right arm.

This means there is not likely to be much from me on this blog for a while. David Grosch-Miller will of course continue to offer reflections on his travels.

The worst part of this incident is the long list of people I am now going to have to let down. Please pray particularly for the members of Christ Church Hipperholme, outside Halifax, and Dawlish URC in Devon: both congregations have worked hard in preparation for special anniversary weekends which I shall now be unable to lead.





5 thoughts on “A Summer Break

  1. Ian Simpson

    Sorry to hear about your injury, John. We remembered you in our prayers at Marston URC, Oxford, last Sunday.
    Kind regards
    Ian Simpson, GA Finance Committee

  2. George Gibson

    Sorry to hear this, John. Praying you make a swift and complete recovery.

    Every blessing,
    George Gibson

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