Yet more socks … and more!

Hansom Cab

The town this week also has a tradition of hosiery manufacture, and can boast at being significantly bigger in output than Loughborough’s industry in the 19th century.  The town is also famous for the first known recorded case of Luddism (presumably destroying some of the hosiery looms), and the design and development of the Hansom Cab (cab being short for cabriolet).  The town is also famous for a somewhat faster mode of transport  the Triumph motorcycle.  A few miles further down the road we find the site of the battle of Bosworth.

Where was I?

Hinckley URC

I was in the Leicestershire town of Hinckley.  I took the Sunday morning service in our URC in the centre of the town.  When I arrived at the church it didn’t qite look as in the photograph, as the pavement in front of, and beside, the church had been dug up and there were workmen laying pipes to enable a new central heating boiler to be installed.  Fortunately, I did not suffer too much competition from other air-powered tools!

Hinckley URC congregation

I was pleased to visit the Hinckley church, not just because one of my long-standing friends moved there from High Wycombe a few years ago, but also because the church is in vacancy.  I hope a visit from the Moderator reminded the congregation that they are important to us (at least that was one of my objectives).

Getting to grip with a vacancy is never easy but it is particularly difficult when the vacancy is the result of a well-loved and long-standing (almost 27 years of service) minister retiring.

I am pleased to say that I found the church in good spirit.



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