We drove to Southend-on Sea ……

……..  going first to The Cornerstone Church or perhaps more accurately to the building site which will be The Cornerstone Church.

The main shell of the building is now complete and what remains to be done are those things which will quickly turn the shell into a living, working place. The hope is that this will become the place where the local community will feel comfortable, which will provide facilities for that community and offer a place where the Christian community can link with the residential area which surrounds it. There is a second phase of building to replace the existing church with a Church Hall and that will begin immediately the new church building is complete.

From there I went to Southchurch Park United Reformed Church where people from the South East and South West Essex Area Partnerships had gathered for tea, a question and answer session and worship at which I was to preach. It was good to meet people from a number of the churches which form the partnerships and there were some interesting questions relating to our identity, our mission and the joys and trials f being Assembly Moderator.

The afternoon ended with a service in which we thought about the way in which each of us has a unique contribution to make to the work of God’s kingdom because we each serve him in unique places and if I needed any confirmation of that thought my day in the Eastern Synod had been a wonderful illustration of that fact.

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