Sunshine and Cheese

By John Ellis     

I am very grateful to readers of this blog and others who have sent kind messages as my fractured arm gradually heals. It is apparently making as rapid progress as could be hoped for even though it still seems a slow process. I no longer take any painkillers.

At my most recent consultation with the specialist, I was told the best medication for the next phase of recovery was “sunshine and cheese”. These are less onerous than the exercises designed to restore the muscles. I think prayer has been in the mix too.

P1010082I am now beginning to resume easy duties and hope to return to something like a normal programme during October. By then I hope shall again be able to think of Zurich not as a place of freak accidents but the key Protestant city where the pioneer Reformer Zwingli had his base. His church continues to dominate the city centre skylines and has a door covered in bronze reliefs depicting incidents from his life.





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