Sunday 3rd April – a day for celebration ……..

The church in Southwold boasts 22 members but Sunday 3rd April saw a new member added to their number along with the ordination of a new elder and the induction of two other elders. The minister – Rev Charles Croll – and I presided over these special services together and with the appropriate authorization, I presided at the communion service which was also part of the service. It was, of course Mothering Sunday so there were flowers to distribute to all the ladies even though one of the younger women expressed surprise since she said “I’m not a Mum!”

Southwold is a holiday destination so the congregation is often increased by visitors from other places as was the case on this Sunday. However the telling thing was that some of those present were regular and returning holiday makers or in one case people who were formerly holiday makers but who had now settled in the area and had found a ‘home’ in this congregation. From the information I received about the church before I visited it is also clear that members take full part in other aspects of the life of the community of the town.

One of the readings for the day was from Ephesians chapter 5 and includes the words, “ ….. live as children of light”. There was certainly light shining in this congregation and from this congregation to the surrounding community.

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