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Drumchapel Essenside URC

Last weekend I spent an enjoyable time with Revd William Young and his two churches in the Glasgow area: Clydebank Morison Memorial Church and Drumchapel Essenside Church.  The previous weekend had been the 125th Anniversary for Morison Memorial, celebrated with the help of Douglas McAllister, the Provost of West Dunbartonshire, and Revd Dr David Pickering, the Moderator of the National Synod of Scotland.  I guess they might be feeling moderatored out!

Morison Memorial Church, Clydebank

This Sunday was a first for me; preaching twice at their morning services.  Drumchapel is the smaller of the two congregations but certainly made up for it with one of the most enthusiastic welcomes (during their time of fellowship) I’ve ever experienced … long may it continue.  This is not a church you can quietly slip in and out unnoticed on a Sunday morning.  The welcome at Morison Memorial was equally warm (as indicated by the photograph below), but less physical as the pews do hinder movement a bit.

Some of the Morison Memorial congregation

I was interested to hear that Morison Memorial church was hit during the Clydebank blitz, the only bombing raid on Scotland by the Luftwaffe during the second world war!  The roof was badly damaged and repaired by the local fire brigade.





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