Psalm 8 – A Map of Wonders

“O Lord, our Sovereign, how majestic is your name in all the earth!”

The hands of God and humanity reaching out to touch
(from a painting by Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s, Rome)

I am reading an amazing book called “A New Map of Wonders” by Caspar Henderson. As one of its reviewers says, ‘for there to be science, there has to be wonder!’ and Henderson certainly marvels at the wonders of creation all around us – in light, the material universe, the human body, and shapes his wonder in ‘maps’ of information. This reminds me of the coalescence in Psalm 8 of both awe for creation and how the Laws of Nature hold it all together, and the complexity of how humanity relates to it all – just like a map of wonders

…..and in contemporary thought, here, A. Mary Lindsay, a URC minister reflects on Life as

A Difficult Pilgrimage
I am on the Pilgrimage of Life,
Travelling a long, often lonely road.
I do not believe in a God
As others do – kneeling and praying.
I believe in that power in me which makes me
The Crown of Creation.
Does this belief not lead to vital questions?
Who ignited the first spark of life;
Creating the first Atom, fuelling its ordered growth?
Who triggered the chain of evolution?
Who sustained its adaptation, guiding its
Ordered ebb and flow, creating
The cycle of Life, Growth, Death and Renewal?
There is always a starting point somewhere;
Nothing comes out of nothing.
I am part of that power because You embedded
A Part of Yourself in me.
How can I not believe in YOU – Creator God?

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Amen from this moderator!

Kevin Watson


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