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Some Mothers Do Have ‘Em

With new legislation in May this year, we are having to look again at what data we are storing and how we use it! I have noticed that when we are happy for information to be kept about us, we find it hard to understand why someone else is unwilling, indeed we may even think them strange. Let us be a little more understanding and tolerant, as folk may have many reasons for privacy, or simply they do not want their information used – and that is their right.

A few years ago, a book was written on the history of moderators – I was included, without any recognised academic or professional qualifications to my name. I guess that’s because the author checked the yearbook, where none are listed. But that doesn’t necessarily mean I haven’t any, just that I chose not to have them recorded. You may think that is odd. Here is some of my reasoning. When I was told that my qualifications, or lack them would inform any pastorate of my academic calibre, my response was a loud rejection, as I passionately believe, that beyond basic competency of skills, a minister should be judged on their relationship with God, and with other sisters and brothers – relational, rather than academic. In my more strident evangelical days, I thought it ever so clever to say that the only B.A. I need is Born Again! I did think that was very clever! Continue reading

Serving God in Essex; local ecumenism at its best.

At the end of September, I spent a day visiting a number of churches and church activities in Essex, which even today still warm my heart, even though the warm days of September seem a long time ago!

Christ Church URC, Chelmsford

The visit to the Mid and South Essex Area Partnerships focused mainly on Chelmsford and Rayleigh.  My day started when I joined the Ministers’ meeting for Mid and South Essex Area Partnerships held in Christ Church URC Chelmsford – and what a great bunch of gracious followers of Jesus they are.  After this good conversation, I was shown round the excellent facilities at Christ Church, and told about their good fortune of a large legacy.  I was impressed to hear how they have shared their good fortune by giving and lending a substantial portion of the legacy.  My morning in Christ Church concluded by joining their Celtic Daily Prayer service, held every weekday at noon, and open to all.  Continue reading

A grace of Moderators

A Grace of Moderators

Taunton URC

At the end of October, I attended the SW Synod and then went onto Taunton URC for the Sunday service.

It was good to meet the South Westerners at the Synod.  I shared some of most exciting times from my 18 months as GA Moderator. Note: exciting could be either positively or negatively stimulating!

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