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Next door, but still a long way to move from home!


                                                           (A long walk to a new home!)

Last week I celebrated the bravery and faith of folk who have crossed the world to find a new home. Recently I visited a church, Westgate Peterborough, who have the same bravery and faith to move out of their home, not across the world but across the car-park! Bravery because it took great courage to leave behind many things precious to the congregation, not least the great burden we all carry – this is what we are used to, what we like, what we are comfortable with. When any fellowship leaves its building it is also a step of Faith , that we are in God’s hands, and seeking his will, hoping we are doing the right thing, and trusting God will guide us forward into new ways of engaging with our community. That was the impetus that led Westgate to sell their old building and move into their small but modern premises at the back of the car park, refurbished for today’s  worship and community use. Continue reading

A Long Way From Home

Of course our visit to Australia was amazing, to conduct our son’s wedding and meet our new grandson and to have a holiday of a lifetime. But, oh dear, the journey seems interminable – 23 hours on flights with all the waiting around at airports added on. You’ve watched the fourth film you wouldn’t have watched at home, and still there are hours to go, you’ve accepted the disappointment that they had run out of alternative meals, and though we had the neck cushions, and we did keep walking about, how do you cope with cramp in the bum!  But what am I saying? We were travelling in luxury – what of the refugees trying to cross the Mediterranean today? And what of the men and women who risked the migration to Australia in the past. Continue reading

More Unexpected

Moderators and partners were spending the weekend in Bristol – a weekend of unexpected surprises. We knew it was Banksy’s home city but were surprised at how much street art there is in the city – Banksy and many others. Most of us didn’t know Bristol has hosted Street Art Festivals attracting famous artists from all over the world. Where would you find an angel with a paint pot on its head? As a Doctor Who fan, I wasn’t expecting to discover the perfect way to defeat his enemies, the Weeping Angels – upturn a paint pot on its head! Here was one I made earlier – found in the Bristol museum. My next GA moderator visit – to Abingdon would have an even bigger surprise for a Doctor Who fan!

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