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After the Manchester bombing – together in solidarity

Tragedy and disaster demand all our prayers and practical support, to help victims, friends and family, emergency services and communities through the dark times. And so it has been with the Manchester bombing. Through so many expressions of love and faith – faith in God through prayer, and faith in humanity through pulling together – one can tangibly feel the strength of the people of Manchester, their will to survive, to recover, and fight this evil.

However, there comes a time of great vulnerability. The attention of the media and the interest of the world move on to new stories. It is not that the people of Manchester will be forgotten, but sadly new atrocities will become headlines. As the Church, we need to show that our care and concern continue, lived out in local situations, to show that the love of God in the body of Christ does not leave when the press and crowds have gone. Continue reading

URC Big Day Out at Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle in bloom

Kate and I, plus some friends from our local church, had a great time at the Big Day Out at Warwick Castle last Saturday.  Many thanks to Karen Morrison, Simon Peters, Richard Church, the Children & Youth Work Committee and many others who organised it for us.  The organisation was impeccable, with only the weather letting us down … but most people seemed to be well prepared for that.

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