Multicultural Celebration 2011

I spent Saturday 24th September at this event held at Carr’s Lane United Reformed Church, Birmingham and found it to be a good antidote to political party conferences! Here was a day of unashamed celebration of some of the many cultural traditions which we find in our denomination.

We heard singing from Wales and saw dancing from China, there was gospel singing and RAP. We danced our offering to the front Ghanaian style. We watched a thought provoking dramatization of the story Jesus told and recounted in Luke Chapter 14 verses 15 – 24 – the twist to the familiar story raised the question – had anyone issued the invitations – a very pertinent thought on the day before Back to Church Sunday. We heard beautiful music from a string quartet which like all the contributions came from a variety of churches.

But this was not just a day to sit and listen to others. Add artwork and stories, an opportunity to try African drumming or designing textiles and you begin to get the feeling for the packed day which reflects the life of the United Reformed Church and which those of us present were privileged to get a glimpse of.

The title for the day – Feast! Celebrating Our Life Together – we certainly experienced a feast and celebrated our diverse life together in the service of the one God whom we serve in unity.

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