Mothering Sunday in Rhyl …..

 It wasn’t exactly spring-like as we drove along the North Wales coast on Sunday morning. There were brief snow flurries and no sign of daffodils but the welcome at The United Church in Rhyl made up for the cold outside. This is a united United Reformed andP1000083 Presbyterian Church in Wales congregation worshipping on two sites. In the morning they worship in their town centre building.

 During the morning service the minister, Rev Paul Robinson, interviewed me as part of the Mothering Sunday service. He was keen to help the church see how they were linked with other churches throughout the British Isles and how as individuals and as churches we each have a contribution to make. I was able to talk about the role of the P1000086Assembly Moderator as someone who represents the denomination to those outside it but also to ourselves as we make visits to United Reformed Churches in all sorts of contexts. It was good, in this congregation which included a small number of members of the Presbyterian Church in Wales (PCW) to tell them how I had represented the United Reformed Church at the PCW Assembly in 2012 and 2013.

 Building on the origins of Mothering Sunday and to help to strengthen the links with the wider denominations, each member of the congregation was given two cards – one thanking them for being a special and valued member of the congregation at the United Church in Rhyl and one (in a ready addressed envelop) to send to another URC or PCW church in Wales wishing them a happy Mothering Sunday on behalf of the church in Rhyl.

 This is often a difficult Sunday for some members of our churches for a whole variety of reasons and this service enabled everyone to be recognised for their particular contribution to God’s kingdom in their own context.

 P1000103In the evening I led worship at the Tynewydd Road building where, continuing a series which the church are following through the first book of Samuel, we thought about friendship as we find it in the story of David and Jonathon and then as we know it through the amazing promise which Jesus makes in John’s gospel to be our friends. I used three quotations about friendship to bring out different aspects of this very special relationship. The first from Ecclesiastes “By your self you are unprotected. With a friend you can face the worst”

The second from Plutarch:“I do’t need a friend who changes when I change and who nods when I nod; my shadow does that much better”

And the third from Proverbs:“Just as water reflects the face, so one human heart reflects another”

I pray that we can reflect the heart of God in our dealings with others this week and always.


A present from the Brownies on Mothering Sunday

A present from the Brownies on Mothering Sunday



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