Leiston United LEP ….

…… was our final visit of the day. A small United Reformed/ Methodist Church set in the middle of a small town. We were told how the buildings were well used by the local community though ‘they don’t come on Sundays’. But one of the most difficult things for non-church goers to do is to cross the threshold of ‘our’ buildings. Surely enabling people to feel comfortable in them is the first step to building other relationships with them. One thing which this church has is a lovely peaceful area between the church building and their boundary, an area squeezed in between other buildings but which they have made into a garden and which they open up for people to sit in during the day to eat their lunch or just to escape from the pressures of daily life and work. It struck me again that wherever we go we find something unique to that place – faithful people worshipping God Sunday by Sunday, supporting each other and modeling the Christian life but also using their resources to serve the communities in which they are placed in particular and appropriate ways.

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