It has been a quiet month

at least in terms of travel and visits to churches. What I have been doing though is attending some meetings, hearing about the issues which concern different groups of people and listening too to the joys of working in the church and for God’s kingdom.

I went to the Youth and Children’s Committee at the beginning of the month. Like on all our committees those present combine experience and enthusiasm with energy and commitment for the work. Amongst other things we heard about and discussed local church links with schools and how that work could develop. We talked about the upcoming Pilots 75th Anniversary celebrations and we heard about the recent FURY Assembly. For those churches who say they have no children and young people, be assured there are both children and young people in our churches throughout the week and there are trained and dedicated people developing their skills and their faith in all sorts of contexts.

Later in the month I attended the meeting of Trustees of the United Reformed Church Trust. A very different meeting dealing with the issues of resources for which the Trust has responsibility but again this is a group of people prepared to bring their technical expertise to the service of the church and to tackle financial and legal matters within a Christian context.

Lastly, I attended a Consultation of Synod Treasurers. representatives from all 13 Synods with their very different situations meeting together to wrestle with M&M contributions, Synod’s contributions to the Pension Fund and support to less affluent areas of the country. This is not a decision making body but it is a group of people with detailed knowledge of their own area and a will to seek solutions to problems which occur.

In his first letter to the Corinthians Chapter 12 Paul writes of the different gifts which the Spirit gives. Whenever I attend any of our committees or meetings of groups of people I am reminded how many people there are using their God given gifts on our behalf. This is often unrecognised but we all have cause to be grateful for the work of our paid staff and our volunteers as they put those gifts to the service of the United Reformed Church as we strive to better serve God.

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