Ghana 21st August

Sunday morning and many hours of worship in prospect. 

The Traditional Leaders were there


The ecumenical guests agreed at the end of the day that we had exceeded any previous record we may have had since on this day we attended a total of seven and a half hours of worship in two sessions. 


The first included the induction of the Moderator – Rev Professor Emmanual Marty – a sermon, an address from the Moderator and an address from the president of Ghana. The latter was different from what we heard at the Evangelical Presbyterian Church where I was told that he 

The President spoke


enjoys more support but it was still the voice of a Christian President who takes his links with the church seriously. 

In their turn the church takes its involvement in the political processes seriously and I spent the afternoon with a working group who were fine tuning a communiqué to be sent from the church to the government – a very full and wide ranging document. 

The worship of course, included the usual vibrant singing and dancing and a feeling of real praise and thanksgiving. None of us felt that we had been sitting in one place for five and a half hours! 

The choir led the singing and with everyone else danced their offering to the front

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