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St. Andrew’s with Castle Gate nestles within the embrace of Nottingham Trent University. The growth of that institution is both opportunity and challenge and the congregation has responded with imagination. The newly re-furbished and extended hall will provide a shop window to the passing students and be a hub for community activity.

St. Andrew's with Castle Gate

St. Andrew’s with Castle Gate

As with all new projects there needs to be the patient, discerning phase that lets go of the building in order to further the mission of God. When so many resources and so much energy has been given to a project it would be understandable if the congregation became possessive and conversation focussed on ‘our’ building rather than the gift that is being given to those beyond the existing fellowship. The generosity of the people of St. Andrew’s with Castle Gate in
Act of Dedication

Act of Dedication

giving their building to others is the measure of those who serve a generous God.

Generosity became an underlying theme of the Fresh Expressions Vision Day at Methodist Central Hall. We live in a culture defined by scarcity and yet we follow a God whose generosity breaks down all the barriers we build. As the network of people involved in Fresh Expressions expands it will be a challenge to ensure that a movement that challenges the centre from the edge does not itself become defensive.

The need to change to meet the needs of contemporary mission continue to batter at our comfort zones not least in how we use the gift of ministry of word and sacraments. While

Training in Mission Participants in Taipei

Training in Mission Participants in Taipei

in Taiwan I was told of a seminary in the Unites States that had concluded that in the coming years all pastors would need to have a source of income beyond the church. After research into what might be a suitable skill that could be exercised in all the places that pastors might be called to serve they concluded that plumbing was the most useful.

Should our colleges be equipping people for a dual vocational world that is coming soon?

David Grosch-Miller

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