Felixstowe United Reformed Church …….

……. was our next calling place. Here we met, chatted to and shared lunch with members of that fellowship as well as some members from Ipswich. Here we particularly heard stories of hope and vision. One story goes – Felixstowe URC is a small congregation, ageing and now lacking the energy to take on new tasks. The alternative story tells of new relationships, new partnerships and new possibilities. My guess is that many of our churches could tell the first story but it seems to me that the trick is not to get stuck in that particular groove. It is certainly the case that here was a church which was beginning to look outside itself to the community were there were new possibilities opening up. In telling of the way in which a plan to hold a coffee morning in the church to attract the local community into the building has become a service to mentally handicapped people there was a recognition that God sometimes has different ideas from ours but achieves his purpose through our faltering steps. Amongst those invited to share lunch was one local authority employee who is involved in the discussions currently being undertaken with the potential for new partnerships and developments. Her enthusiasm for the links with the church came from her experience of the generosity of the church in dealing with marginalized members of the community. What better reflection could there be of the life of Jesus for whom support and recognition of the marginalized in his society was so central to his ministry. My prayer is that Felixstowe URC can hang on to the second story because I believe that if God has work for us to do he equips us for that work, he may challenge and disturb us but he will not abandon us.

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