Dragons and Socks

Greenock West URC

Greenock West URC

The children of Inverclyde URC congregations had been challenged to provide the artwork for the Mothering Sunday card to be given to the congregations of Greenock East, Greenock West and Port Glasgow. If the heart bearing the inscription ‘Wonder Mum caring for kids’ won the prize for honesty then the three dragons stole the show for originality. The congregation also celebrated the generosity that enabled a substantial gift of knitted goods to be donated to charities working with children in Eastern Europe. Dragons and knitted socks may not appear to have much in common but there is something about imagination, common sense and using the gifts that we have.Greenock 2

In these changing times we need the imagination to see things differently. It is easy, if ultimately unrewarding, to keep repeating what we have always done. Perhaps we do need some dragons to burn away some of the old assumptions and set us free to fly and explore new ways of being the faithful people of God. And as we explore and re-imagine the church of tomorrow we will need to know the gifts we have. Knitted socks are very important for keeping feet warm, they may not be spectacular but the desire to share a gift with others in need is at the heart of the Gospel. The good folk of Greenock had a gift and found an outlet for their generosity. All congregations would benefit from knowing what gifts they possess and then finding ways of giving them away without any expectation of reward. Learn to live like that and we will find ourselves turning faith into action.

Greenock 4Ministry and ministers come in all shapes and sizes but it works best when none of us take ourselves too seriously and we can laugh together and enjoy the God who challenge us to combine imagination and gifts in celebration.

David Grosch-Miller

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