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When a closure does not bring closure

On Saturday many of us met together to celebrate the life of the Windermere Centre and mourn its closure. The decision to close the centre was contentious and that was understandable, but the debate wasn’t just about resources and priorities of stewardship. It involved a place that many had found and treasured as a spiritual home, a building and far more than that, through the friendships made there and the experiences shared there over thirty years. People will give testimony to how Scripture was opened up to them in new ways, how faith was enlivened for them, and confidence grown to share the Gospel. No wonder there was a tangible grief in the service, and this was recognised in prayers and sermon, silence and conversation, hugs and goodbyes. Continue reading

Presbyterian Church of Wales General Assembly

Prof J Gwynfor Jones shakes hands with the newly installed Moderator, Revd Brian Huw Jones

I have recently returned from the annual General Assembly of Presbyterian Church of Wales, held in Cardiff, over three very warm days at the beginning of July.  The theme of the Assembly was taken from John 20:21, “As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you”.  They met in a lecture hall in the Cardiff Metropolitan University, with the two evening worship sessions being held in the local PCW church, Eglwys y Crwys.   The photograph (not very good quality, sorry)  shows the immediate past Moderator (Prof J Gwynfor Jones) shaking hands with the newly installed Moderator, (Revd Brian Huw Jones). Continue reading

Tiller Girls and Teamwork

Kath Denby, ex Tiller Girl

I’ve had a couple of really interesting church visits recently, quite different churches, comfortably within our fold and both beginning with a ‘W’.  The first is a church where I met a delightful lady who told me she was a Tiller Girl, and had performed many times at the London Palladium, occasionally in front of the Queen and other members of the royal family.  Where is it?  To find out you’ll need to click through!

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