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Serving God in Essex; local ecumenism at its best.

At the end of September, I spent a day visiting a number of churches and church activities in Essex, which even today still warm my heart, even though the warm days of September seem a long time ago!

Christ Church URC, Chelmsford

The visit to the Mid and South Essex Area Partnerships focused mainly on Chelmsford and Rayleigh.  My day started when I joined the Ministers’ meeting for Mid and South Essex Area Partnerships held in Christ Church URC Chelmsford – and what a great bunch of gracious followers of Jesus they are.  After this good conversation, I was shown round the excellent facilities at Christ Church, and told about their good fortune of a large legacy.  I was impressed to hear how they have shared their good fortune by giving and lending a substantial portion of the legacy.  My morning in Christ Church concluded by joining their Celtic Daily Prayer service, held every weekday at noon, and open to all.  Continue reading

A grace of Moderators

A Grace of Moderators

Taunton URC

At the end of October, I attended the SW Synod and then went onto Taunton URC for the Sunday service.

It was good to meet the South Westerners at the Synod.  I shared some of most exciting times from my 18 months as GA Moderator. Note: exciting could be either positively or negatively stimulating!

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Happy New Year

At the service on Sunday morning I posed two questions, based respectively on the lectionary readings from Luke and Galatians and the fact that it was the last day of the year:

  1. Given the knowledge that you are heirs to the Kingdom of God how will that change your behaviour in 2018; and
  2. What barriers do we knowingly, or unknowingly, put in the way of people seeking Christ?

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