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Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ghana

Rt Revd Dr S S Agidi, Moderator of General Assembly of the EPCG

I have just returned from the General Assembly of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ghana (EPCG).  The EPCG is a long-standing friend of the URC, having (I’m told) started a relationship about the time Ghana gained its independence in 1957.  The EPCG was founded in 1847 following the launch of the Bremmen Mission to Ghana and Togo.  The links with the Bremmen Mission are still strong, as shown by their three guests at the Assembly. Continue reading

Yet more socks … and more!

Hansom Cab

The town this week also has a tradition of hosiery manufacture, and can boast at being significantly bigger in output than Loughborough’s industry in the 19th century.  The town is also famous for the first known recorded case of Luddism (presumably destroying some of the hosiery looms), and the design and development of the Hansom Cab (cab being short for cabriolet).  The town is also famous for a somewhat faster mode of transport  the Triumph motorcycle.  A few miles further down the road we find the site of the battle of Bosworth.

Where was I? Continue reading

Twice in one day!

Towards the end of July, I spent a day visiting our church in the town where this statue celebrates one of the products the town is famous for.  Do you know where I was?

This was the first time I had to preach two different sermons in one day … I know there will be a number of ministers out there saying: welcome to the real world! Continue reading