In this blog the Revd David Grosch-MillerĀ and John Ellis, moderators of the General Assembly of the United Reformed Church, write and reflect on the things they do, places they visit, people they meet, and moments/events in the life of the United Reformed Church and beyond during their time in office.

If you would like to invite a moderator to visit your church or meeting, please email Krystyna Pullen.

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    I have photos of Val Morrison at Amersham (see her latest blog) which I would be pleased to copy to the appropriate e-mail address for her if I could be told what this is.

  2. Val Morrison

    Dear David
    I am sorry not to have responded before now. it would be good to see your photos.
    I hope all is going well in Amersham
    Best wishes

  3. John Mackerness

    In the prayer needs you asked for prayers for Chris and Jon as the went out to Uganda. In my role as Heathrow chaplain I was on an escalator with an Anglican student who is with us on placement when I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Jon and Chris. Not only were they amazed at encountering a chaplain but also to find that they were a URC minister as well. We were able to share a time of prayer and blessing together before they caught their flight. Isn’t God wonderful!

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