A joyous occasion in Scotland

It didn’t take long for my official duties to kick in, for which I am grateful as there was no time for an anti-climax to hit me after a successful General Assembly.  I use the word ‘successful’ from the point of view that we managed to complete all the business set before us and balance it with great worship and fellowship.

It was a real pleasure to preside at the induction of the Revd Dr David Pickering as the Moderator of the National Synod of Scotland, in the URC in Giffnock on Saturday, 16th July.  Those who were at General Assembly may remember that David was already taking his role seriously because he read the call to worship (at the start of GA) in Gaelic.  The induction service was an inspirational mix of worship and friendship as we were joined by quite a number of ecumenical and civic guests.  The first hymn was one of my favourites; ‘Be still, for the presence of the Lord, the holy One is here’  and was a fitting start to the service as it spoke a great truth to us all.

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People of the Way

People of the Way, we are on the way! We thought it was a fantastic General Assembly, although we are a little biased! We tried hard to provide a balance between worship, fellowship and business which we hope was appreciated by those who came.

This was a momentous General Assembly; we are a different church today. Our vote on same-sex marriage (which allows congregations and ministers to follow their consciences) has enabled us to be both diverse and united. In the words of John Ellis, “we are not united by structures but a common fascination in Jesus Christ.” Continue reading


Introducing the New Moderators

As of 15:00 Kevin and I became the General Assembly moderators for 2016 to 2018.  This is a great honour but one which could easily bring a degree of anxiety with it.  Not least because of those who have gone before us.

Let me express our thanks to both David and John who have worked tirelessly on our behalf demonstrating both compassion and competence.  At least Kevin and I will demonstrate that you don’t have to be over six foot tall to be moderator!

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