March 2024

In March, the Revd Dr Tessa Henry-Robinson will preach at Cannington and Westfield URCs in Somerset, and at Winchmore Hill. She will attend meetings of the Accreditations (CRCW & SCM) Sub-Committee and the Synod of Scotland, and take part in anti-racism training at Church House. On 23 March, Tessa will induct Michael Hopkins as Wessex Synod Moderator at London Street URC in Basingstoke.

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February 2024

In February, the Revd Dr Tessa Henry-Robinson will attend the Assembly Executive at The Hayes (9-11) and will spend time in Scotland. She will lead the induction of the Revd Lindsey Sanderson as Moderator of the Synod of Scotland and preach at Augustine United Church (17-18), and return will to Augustine on 27-28 for the Assembly Business Committee residential.

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Ceasefire in Gaza now urges Moderator

In this blog, the Revd Dr Tessa Henry-Robinson reflects on how 2024 sadly begins with a focus on the Israel Gaza war and calls for an immediate ceasefire.


“Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the orphan; plead the case of the widow.” (Isaiah 1:17)

New Year greetings to you all!

We have now left 2023 – a year that saw the world emerging hopeful and reflective after the unprecedented period of isolation brought on by the pandemic. We rallied around each other and our communities as we looked to rebuild our lives and strengthen our faith. As such, I would say that this past Christmas would have held more significance for our humanity for many of us that we are each other’s keepers, and collectively, our prayers have been for peace, comfort, love, and security.

However, 2024 begins with an appalling tragedy from which we cannot – must not – look away. Our humanity is again being touched by its gravity, and we must speak up and speak out. The time is past for debate and rhetoric on what is happening in Gaza. It is incumbent on us to speak out loudly with those demanding a ceasefire now.  Continue reading